At Soulland we design clothes in high quality to be used for a long time. When it comes to caring about your garments, you as a consumer can play a big part in reducing its carbon footprint. To keep clothes in good condition the care label is your main guide to know how the garment should be treated when washing. But there are also some simple things we as consumers can do when caring about our clothes to prolong its life.


Taking care of your clothes makes it possible for you to have them for a longer time, but at some point, clothes tear. That does not mean the end-of-life for that garment, at Soulland we believe in repair before discarding. It does not have to cost much either, you can do some smaller repairs by yourself with just a sewing needle, thread, pins, and scissors – like repairing a small hole or sewing on a button. The internet is a perfect guide when you’re about to repair your clothes. Your knowledge and curiousness set the boundaries. That being said, you can always go to your local tailor and see if they can help you, it's cheaper than buying new clothes and better for the environment.

*Gubbyfriend washing bag, avaliable at: For more details on how to take care of your clothes visit:

If you live in Denmark, you can return your worn Soulland clothes to us, we then resell it and give you a store credit: