By Eric Koston, Professional skateboarder

Words by Silas Adler. Illustration by Sine Jensen.

Eric Koston is a legend in skateboarding. Over 20 years as pro, a handfull of trick inventions and a true example that skateboarding should be fun above all. It’s no secret that Soulland and Eric just did a project together for Nike. In the process, all involved parties including Nike reps, a photographer and a handfull of Copenhagen skaters shared a WhatsApp to have ongoing updates of the project. One evening I started a interview with Eric on the WhatsApp thread, soon the other people on the chat joined in.

Silas: Whats Up?

Eric Koston: Not much. Trying to renew my son’s passport.

S: Legal way?

EK: I’ve got an envelope full of cash and have to meet my “friend” Hector in the alley behind 7-11.

S: The only way! I Almost Got in to a fight with a taxidriver here in Milan. He claimed my 50 euro was fake. My son was sleeping in the taxi so I had to fight very quiet. You go that extra mile for you kids right?

EK: I’ll do anything for my kids!

S: What happened with Karsten that night? You ditched him?

EK: Anything for my kids! Even ditch Karsten in the meat packing district during Distortion just to get home to see them! ☺☺☺☺☺

Marcel Valdman: ☺☺☺ Hey is this the interview silas? Can i join in?

EK: No, what happened is we were partying there almost all night and I looked at the time and I had about 3hrs before my flight home and was still in the meat packing dist. I just had to jam outta there, pack my bags, take a quick shower so I didn’t smell like a homeless man and taxi’d straight to the airport. Unfortunately Karsten got “Distorted” and locked out of our apt because of that

MV: Haha that clip!

S: Hey Marcel! Join in!

MV: Can it be anything?

S: Yes! About Karsten, he is a viking he can handle it...

EK: If I missed my flight, my wife would’ve killed me! I can always buy Karsten a round of Soakers™ to make up with him

MV: Eric, skatenerd question. Best trick, in your personal opnion, you’ve ever done? When and where?

S: Good one! Kickflip off a roof?

EK: Hahah! Hmmmm... Maybe Indy 540 on vert... In San Diego during the ASR trade show in fall of 1991. They used to have a vert ramp there and dudes would do demos. Tony Magnussen filmed it. I didn’t want to use it in my part in the H– Street video because it wasn’t very high. I haven’t done a proper spinning 540 on vert since then.

Colin Kennedy: Gram that B!

S: Maybe we could use the fotty for the clip. How many years have you been pro? Since?

S: Did you fall a sleep Eric?

S: How many years as a Pro AF dude?

S: Ok a Question for every one else. Fave Eric Koston style era?

CK: Favourite Eric era is Next generation video part.. Unashamed profiling of all disciplines of skateboarding. Mini, very, spine, street...

S: Had it all right! I really in Like the baggy tech Minikmati Eric. That Silver 4star jesesy!!!

Danijel Stankovic: Yesss! Thats eric for me. Agree Silas! ES KOSTON 2 era...

MV: MOUSSe cant fuck with the midnineties.

S: The Mouse part is insane! But style icon Koston 2 era!

DS: But never forget CHOMP ERA! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤. Second fav!


EK: Sorry for the absence… With meeting with my business manager. Pro since 91.

S: Hugo? What year you born?

MV: 2005?

S: What happend with growing long hair and wearing multi colour New era Caps? Fully Eric Era, right?

MV: This interview is great! He doesnt even have to answer anything... 

S: I seams Like he is not... Does your Buisssnes manager know that you are missing out on the “life of Eric” interview that will cut out your Legacy in Italian marbel?


DS: Hahahaha!



EK: Hahahaha 

S: Is that ventures?

EK: Yeah! :) :) That was a weird. Where I was trying to ride royal trucks but couldn’t because they sucked. And ventures were low like the Royals. I have now idea....

S: So I guess the other Euros are sleeping now so we can get serious.... The soaker? Whats the story?

EK: Brad Staba invented it. It’s gin, sparkling water and lemon. That’s it, no other iteration or variation. If you add or take away any of those three ingredients, it’s not a Soaker™.They are light and refreshing… Too many of them will make you fall on your face. Just ask Tao...

S: Hahah! I ordered it at Cafe Charlot in Paris and the bartender poured a tiny bit of fresh lemom juice in. Is that ok?

EK: Technically, yes. Also bartenders do not know what a Soaker is. It’s for the underground, core skater!

S: Like skater owned board companies?

EK: Exactly! Hahaha!

S: And the a Gin tonic is longboards from Wallmart?

EK: Correct! Mainstream bullshit!

S: But I noticed that Soakers go down easy with the fashion crowd like some of this cool board brands. Does that put the Soaker in danger? having cool London girls drinking it?

EK: I can see how it could cross over to that crowd, being a low calorie cocktail. I don’t see it in danger yet and I’m sure most single dudes don’t mind sharing Soakers with the model girls a fashion crowd brings.

S: You are on to something. To be honest a big part Of the CPH contest being so popular is the fact that the afterparties are not to sausage. There is girl at the party!...

EK: Pretty important ingredient for a good party!

S: I was at a private Wu Tang party in Berlin once. The whole clean was there. And they all linked up with scetchy german girls. I was so disapointed at seeing my idols going that low! Even RZA. How was the Münster Contest afterparty? Was Titus ballin?

EK: Titus had a yellow Lamborghini and everyone hated him for showing up to the contest with it. Münster after parties had a very little female presence. They were pretty bad.

S: Last one. Sammy Babtista posted a best of with you not long ago. All the heavy shit! It made me wonder if there is some gnarly almost stuff we don’t know about?

EK: There were a lot of “almost dones” that didn’t get done. I’ve tried to forget about them because the still haunt me at night.

S: Great way to end a interview with something negative :) Thank you!