Dazed & Confused ┃Autumn/Winter 2014 Presentation Q&A & Mixtapes

"Fashion and politics make interesting bedfellows. For anyone not following Danish politics (the actual kind, not Borgen), Denmark is currently mid-government meltdown due to a controversial sale of shares in Danish energy giant Dong to Goldman Sachs. And on Thursday this week – as The Socialist People’s Party caused major drama by walking out on the coalition government – MP Uffe Elbæk, a former culture minister who recently launched a new party titled The Alternative, took to the parliament podium in an aptly emblazoned Soulland SS14 ‘Katastrophe’ sweatshirt. Sometimes fashion is the best political commentary.

Incidentally, a subtle political thread also ran through this week’s Soulland AW14 presentation at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Forgoing the runway, the Danish cult label held an intimate presentation at their head offices in snowy Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, where the studio had been transformed into a lo-fi tin foil spaceship as designer Silas Adler looked to outer space. Clever wording like ‘Space for Everyone’ was embroidered on sweatshirts, while a white shirt had a Heal the World-esque print of Earth on the back. “Print is a central part of Soulland and I like to keep it as analogue as possible. This season I’ve mixed photocopies of space with aluminium foil scans and watercolours. I always put a ton of secret codes in there, like my birthday and 420,” Silas Adler explained."

Words by Susanne Madsen. Head over to Dazed & Confused for the rest of the interview.

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